Sunday, June 23, 2024

WhatsApp: New Features

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WhatsApp is adding an exciting new feature to chats! Soon, you’ll be able to see more information about your friends right in the chat.WhatsApp is an app many people use to message their friends or family. It’s very popular because it makes talking to those far away so easy! Now the company is working on something new.

They are making a change where you’ll see details about your friends when you open a chat. You’ll see their profile picture and other information, like if they are online or busy. The best part is that it will show up even if they aren’t using WhatsApp at the time!


Whats app status

This works by using something called status, which tells you what someone is doing. For example, your status could be “at soccer practice” or “doing homework.” This lets friends see what you’re up to. Soon, those statuses will show up on WhatsApp too!

Some tech experts found this new feature hiding in an early test version of WhatsApp. The company lets people try out new stuff before it’s ready for everyone. Seeing what people think helps WhatsApp make changes. This version showed the status updates under people’s names.

There’s no date yet for when all WhatsApp users will get this. Since it’s still being tested, it could take some time. But now we know it’s coming! by

Good news for I phone users

That’s not the only new thing coming either. Soon, iPhone users will have an extra way to log into WhatsApp. Right now, you need a code sent by text message. But sometimes getting the code doesn’t work right away. Please read our other posts.

Now, iPhone users can choose to get the login code by email instead. This gives you another option if texts aren’t coming through. It’s for anyone who has trouble getting codes through text messages.

The team at WhatsApp has already released this email login feature to some users. It was in the latest iPhone app update at the App Store. But not everyone has it yet. Like the status updates, this new feature will take some time before it’s available to all users.


So, in summary, two big changes are on the way! First is seeing your friends’ status in chat even when they aren’t online. This extra information helps you know what they are up to. The second is getting login codes by email for iPhones. This gives an extra option if the text codes don’t come through. These useful updates are still being worked on and tested. But now that we know  is adding them, hopefully it won’t be too long! New things that make talking to friends and family easier are always great to see.

Whats app update download

download whatsapp latest version

It’s fun when apps we use every day get improvements. WhatsApp helps people all over the world stay connected. Features like these will make it even friendlier for chats! We’ll be keeping an eye out for more news on when we can try the new status information and email login codes.
WhatsApp grew by focusing on reliability and speed. Users could instantly send messages without paying fees, like traditional SMS. Features like group chats make it perfect for family and friends. 

Calling was added in 2015, cementing WhatsApp’s popularity across generations.
Of course, over a billion people use WhatsApp, which means lots of messages are sent every day! By 2016, over 42 billion texts were sent daily. And that number has surely grown even bigger. With such huge usage, consistently improving the app is important.
That’s why new additions like the profile status and email login are key. They build on what users already love—connecting easily with the important people in their lives. Making these conversations even richer with profile information and smoother logins improves the experience